In-house Style Guide


A clearly worded structured abstract of a document including description of Purpose, Design/methodology/approach, Findings, Research limitations/implications (if applicable), Practical implications, Social implications and Originality/value. It should be 250 words and may be informative or indicative.


Manuscripts should be written in English. Any manuscript written in French or any other language must be translated before forwarding to the editorial board. Manuscripts should be in double spacing on white paper size 21 x 29.7 (25 lines of 10-12 words per page).
Word processing and typescript should be done using Times New Roman, font size 12. Where applicable, footnotes and endnotes should be done using Times New Roman, font size 10. All titles – headings or subheadings should not be more than Roman point 15 and must be numbered in Arabic numerals.


Use the most recent edition of any referencing style you are conversant with, but be consistent throughout the write-up.