PAID-WA Journals are international scholarly peer reviewed journals covering several areas of development. Researchers, students, institutes, industrialists, academics, and consultants are free to use this medium to publish scholarly articles, research reports, commentaries and other forms of technical papers.

The journals welcome notes and comments on articles from contributors with the aim to trigger intelligent and practical field-oriented debates, as a way of stimulating useful policy changes, especially in African countries.

The target audience of publications

PAID-WA Journals targets the following communities of readers and contributors among others;
  • International scientific community
  • Grassroots communities/community based organizations
  • Global and Local development actors
  • International Development institutions
  • Donors, Decision makers and Policy makers
  • Students
  • The general public

Open Access

PAID-WA Journals are open access journals. Abstracts and full texts of all articles published in the journals can be read online without restriction.


The intellectual responsibility of any article is ascribe to the author or authors who made the submission. The acceptance of a manuscript implies that authors have met the requirements as outlined in the author’s guidelines and publication ethics. Authors retain the copyright of their articles published in the journal. However, authors must agree that their articles remain permanently open access under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International License.

Review Policy

The journals operates a blind review policy. Manuscripts are reviewed by editorial board and qualified peer reviewers.

Publication Fee

In an attempt to cultivate our pool of contributors world-wide, the first year of the journals has been earmarked to be free to all contributors

Language of Publication

The language of use by all contributors is English


The frequency of the journal will depend on the number of articles existing in the article bank. Once the articles are up to six, they immediately warrant the publication of an edition


The accepted format of the PAIDWA Journals shall appear both in Print and in Soft Copies (Online)

Publication Ethics

PAID-WA Journals expects all authors to adhere to the ethical standards as prescribed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Submitted manuscripts should be the original works of the author(s). PAID-WA Journals will follow COPE guideline in suspected cases of plagiarism

Contact PAID-WA Journals

Editorial Office:

Editorial Team


  • Shu Divine Mamboneh

Section Editor

  • Mme Loveline Che Nchang

Associate Editors

  • Prof uwem Essia
  • Prof Mbomi Elisabeth S
  • Dr Etienne Fopa
  • Dr Foncha Jacinta
  • Dr Jean Merlin Mfondo
  • Dr Ngalim Robert Njilla
  • Dr Bisong Clara
  • Dr Daniel Ekongwe
  • Dr Roland Anyingang
  • Dr Hermann Ngouakam
  • Dr Asongwe Godswill Azinwie
  • Mme Juliana Anchang
  • Mr Asong Valentine
  • Mr Takwa Abonwi Tanee
  • Mr Amingwa Elvis
  • Mr Ngang Perez
  • Mr Christian Lambang Fonye
  • Mr Otu George Ekpe

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