Editorial Team

The editorial Board is constituted as indicated below. Every month, a committee will be co-opted from these members depending on the articles submitted for the month’s issue.


  • Shu Divine Mamboneh

Section Editor

  • Mme Loveline Che Nchang

Associate Editors

  • Prof Elisabeth S Mbomi
  • Prof Etienne Fopa
  • Dr Roland Anyingang
  • Dr Jacinta Foncha
  • Dr Jean Merlin Mfondo
  • Dr Ngalim Robert Njilla
  • Dr Clara Bisong
  • Dr Daniel Ekongwe
  • Dr. Asongwe Godswill Azinwie
  • Mme Juliana Anchang
  • Mr Valentine Asong
  • Mr Takwa Abonwi Chenaa
  • Mr Elvis Amingwa
  • Mr Perez Ngang
  • Mr Christian Lambang Fonye
  • Mr Otu George Ekpe